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Content for your digital strategy. 

I can help you 


Come up with topics and formats based on your key objectives  


Conduct creative content research  


Develop original content for your audience 

Content formats

Blog posts

A solid blog helps SEO, gives customers a reason to come back to your website, and is the perfect channel for distributing your existing content. 


Establish your brand as a thought leader with an educative long form content. Offer trend insights and/or best practices, and build your mailing list! 

Webinar decks

Generate leads by hosting an online seminar. I can build webinar slide decks with speaker notes for your presenter. 


Draw your audience's attention with a visually compelling infographic. I can create one using InDesign and Illustrator, and tools like Venngage. 


Web copy 

Help users understand your brand and services. For your web apps and website, I can create copy with user experience in mind. 

Social media 

Looking to drive engagement on social? I can source the latest articles online and create social media posts for your various channels. 

Sample works

What people say 

Catherine is wonderful to work with and has consistently excelled at creating outstanding content that was praised by our clients at 9thCO. Apart from her technical skills as a writer who can take on topics from various industries, she is highly self-motivated, reliable and a true team player. I enjoyed working together on projects with her a lot, both from a workflow perspective as well as on an interpersonal level. 

Marvin Jobs, Senior Vice President - Digital 




Content Strategist & UX Writer

I believe in the power of creating great content. Content that sparks curiosity and interest, and humanizes your brand. From working for different clients throughout my career, I have experience in creating quality content for a wide range of industries, including self-help, recruitment, technology, and digital marketing. 

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