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SMS copy for Canada Post


Text notifications help provide customers with key information, but the initial project constraints stopped us from providing the best user experience– possibly leading to a drain on our company’s customer service resources.


Provide customers a convenient channel for notifications on their shipments through text messages.

sms phone.png


Character limit

The initial character limit was 160. 

No customization

Event descriptions are not tailored to SMS messages.
No personalization in the messages. 

No support

No information to contact support.  


My input

  • UX writer (me)

  • Product designer

  • Business owner

  • UX manager/director

  • Solution architect 

  • Business domain architect

  • Usability score

  • Competitive analysis

  • Copy recommendations

Early mockups + usability score

Competitive analysis

Solution: remove barriers for better UX

Character limit

The initial character limit was 160. We were able to increase it by almost 2X for most scenarios.

More customization

Can override some existing event descriptions and include merchant name.  

Limited support

Provide details on contacting support.

Working with stakeholders in Miro

Collaborating in Miro to come up with the final prototype. ​

Sample early mockup

Sample final prototype


18,000+ messages deployed in 2 days, right before the holiday season. 

Suggested success metrics

  • Support volumes

  • Customer satisfaction 

  • Signups versus opt-outs

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