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Educating WildApricot's customers on writing user-friendly emails


WildApricot is a cloud-based software that empowers nonprofits and small associations to manage their membership—including its database, email, events and website—all in one place.

Hard-to-read emails

Many associations are sending emails to their members in WildApricot that are difficult to read and not user-friendly. 

In-product walkthrough in the email editor

When users compose a new email in WildApricot's email editor, they will see an in-product walkthrough with some typography best practices.

To keep the audience interested and engaged, I added some humor in the examples. It was also essential for the copy to meet the following criteria (by Torrey Podmajersky):

  • Accessible: how available is the language to people using it?

  • Purposeful: is it clear how a person can meet their goals?

  • Concise: is the information relevant?

  • Conversational: is the language and phrasing familiar to the audience?

  • Clear: does the action have unambiguous results?

Top-performing engagement 

  • Launched on August 18, 2020

  • Most-viewed engagement in August with 7,169 total views

  • 22% completion rate 

The light-hearted copy, simple language, and helpful insights are likely the reasons why this engagement out-performed other WildApricot engagements that month.

Customer feedback:

"A big thank you for the tips on the newsletter received when writing my newsletter. They were such a help and my newsletter looks heaps better, not to mention the spacing!"

Team: Alexandra Smyslova (Product Designer), Catherine Chea (Writer) 

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