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Enhancing the website walkthrough with some copy tweaks

The problem

High drop-off rate for the website walkthrough

When customers use Wild Apricot's website builder for the first time, an in-product walkthrough appears to show them important features.

In the original walkthrough, only 34% of customers have reached the second step. 


The solution

Employing UX design and writing best practices

When analyzing the content for this walkthrough, I noticed a few things: 

  • The GIFs in the intro slide looks like an ad and can be misleading

  • The value isn't being conveyed (i.e., to build a site)

  • The features that were being pointed to weren't as visible

  • Dense copy

  • Some of the writing is technical and not user-friendly 

For the new copy, I ensured that it follows these UX writing best practices: 


From Torrey Podmajersky's presentation, author of Strategic Writing for UX: Drive Engagement, Conversion, and Retention with Every Word.

See how the original text has been modified.


Original text

New text

Website menu tour

Here are some basic website features to know in this eight-step guide. 

Please note: You can exit the guide at any time but you'll not be able to resume. 

6 Website features you should know


Getting started on your website? Take this 8-step guide to learn how to get your website up and running in Wild Apricot. 


Site pages

Building site pages involves adding content and choosing the page template you want to use as the basis for each page.

Site pages

Create a page from your page template.


Page template

Each site page derives its layout from a page template and inherits any contents appearing on the template.
Content such as logo, banner, menu, login box that you want constant across all pages should be placed in page templates

Page template

Build a template with your logo and banner for your entire website.


Colors and styles

Your Wild Apricot website comes with a pre-made theme, but you can change the colors, font styles, and backgrounds to your liking.

You can do more advanced customizations under CSS and Theme overrides.

Colors and styles

Pick and customize your website theme or use advanced customization in CSS and theme overrides.



Be sure to check out the Settings menu, there are some useful features here such as:

  • Integrating Wild Apricot gadgets into your existing website with widgets codes

  • Adding your own secure domain name

  • Improving your SEO or searchability by adding keywords to meta-tags


Choose options like merging gadgets into an existing website, adding a secure domain name, or improving your online visibility with meta tags.


Public view 

Click here to see what your website looks like from the perspective of a visitor. You can toggle between Public view and Admin view.

Public view

See how your website looks to visitors.


Homepage button

Click here to exit the website setup and return to the main menu.

Homepage button

Here's where you can return to the main menu.


Want to learn more?

In this short video, we will share with you some website tips and tricks!

Want to learn more?

Watch this short video to learn some website tips and tricks!


To be continued... 

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